Sriracha Mayo in 1 minute

Here is a quick and easy way to make the best mayo you’ll ever have, you can even call it a sriracha aioli if you want to sound fancy. First, I recommend a homemade sriracha for best results, but you can use any flavoring you like.


  • 1 cup Avocado Oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 heaping tablespoon sriracha

Oh yeah, it helps to have an immersion blender and a wide mouth mason jar. You probably could make do with other equipment, but your results may vary.

Add ingredients together.

Blend. It doesn’t take long for magic to happen.


Spicy Sriracha Mayo


Oregon Coast

At the end of summer we took a trip to the Oregon Coast for the second family reunion of the year, this time on the Contreras side. The girls were super excited to be able to do two trips with both sets of cousins.

Oregon coast was beautiful and we had an amazing house right on on the beach. The girls had a great time playing with their cousins and it was a wonderful vacation.

New England

We traveled to New England with my Mom, two of my brother’s and their families. The thirteen of us shared a house together in Newtown just a few miles outside of Boston. It was a wonderful holiday, filled with road trip up to Maine, science museums and history, traveling back in time to the 1600’s in Plymouth, and the 1800’s in Sturbridge. Plus Danelle and I caught a game at Fenway Park.

Summer 2017

Wow, what a fun filled summer, a wonderful time with family and friends! Angelica finished Kindergarten, finishing her first year of school with perfect attendance! We celebrated the Fourth of July, birthdays, a mud run, oysters in Pt. Reyes, theater camp, exploring the marine life in the Bay, and that doesn’t event count the major trips to Boston and Oregon, more photos to come.

Barcelona 2016

We had a wonderful visit in Barcelona! I was there for a work meetup and Danelle was able to join me and we extended it to a vacation. We really enjoyed the time together, the wonderful city, sites, food, and just wonderful atmosphere.

Toni and Beau scooting around town
Old Men playing Bocce
Dragon House
Boldu donut and coffee
La Perera apartments by Gaudi
Beau and Danelle walking the ramblas
Homemade Tortillas
Homemade Cookies
Bad Toro
Danelle at Picasso Museum
Barcelona Cathedral
On top of the Cathedral
On top of the Cathedral
Park Guell
Parrots in the Palm
Park Guell

More Boldu
Foc i Oli Burger, so good!
At Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia

Stain Glass
Doors at Sagrada
View from Hotel
W at the Beach
Mediterranean beach
Arab Baths
Segway Tour
Pyrennes in Background
Old Wall
Cathedral in Giron
Castle at the Park
More donuts!

Holidays 2016

We had a wonderful and full Holidays in 2016. Angelica starred in her first live performance with her school’s ensemble performing ahead of the Willy Wonka play, it was a smashing success! We also had family hikes, Thanksgiving, ice skating, cookies with the Cantos, a few different family Christmases, and a wonderful visit to SF to see the decorations.