51 Hours to Chicago

Jul 1, 2010

Danelle and I just started our journey by train to Chicago on the California Zephyr. We left from Emeryville at 9:50am and arrive in Chicago in 2 days at 3:30pm.

We got a sleeper car which is cozy, but has two beds that fold out and enough space for our luggage and to stretch out. We brought plenty of books and games. So settling in for a couple of days of relaxation.

In Chicago, we’re going to see a Cubs game on the 4th, go to some museums, good restaurants and enjoy the city. I’ve only been there briefly and this will be Danelle’s first time.

Our biggest concern is leaving the pup home with the parents. Hopefully he behaves himself and doesn’t give them too much grief.

Jul 2, 2010

We are just entering into Colorado now, the scenery is changing from the deserts of Nevada and Utah to more greenry; just passed through 1 of 19 canyons carved out by the Colorado river that we’ll see.

The first night was a bit more uncomfortable than expected, the air is out in our room and real tight accomadations — did not lead to restful sleep; but the free coffee makes up for any lack of sleep. Hopefully they can switch rooms for us tonight, else our first day in Chicago might be catching up on sleep.

Next stop: Grand Junction, CO

Jul 3, 2010

Colorado was absolutely beautiful, that stretch makes the route. I didn’t take too many photos with my phone so only one to upload now; many with my camera, so it’ll be a bit to see some of those shots.

Our engine overheated going up the Rockies, thankfully they have a backup; but we did lose about 2 hours once we made it to Denver to switch out engines. The station is right next to Coors Field which the Giants were playing when we pulled in, we could’ve caught a few innings.

Thankfully a new sleeper car was added on in Denver, so we were able to switch rooms and the new one was much more comfortable, amazing what a little air can do. We actually slept decent and in better spirits.

Today we’ve gone through Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois – lots and lots of farmland. We are about an hour out of Chicago now, and about 5 hours total delay; at least we didn’t have a connection but the extra time on the train is a bit tiring.

Time to pack up and get ready for the second half of the vacation.

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