A love letter to the medical field

Thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Surgeons and all the men and women in the medical field, be it frontline hospital staff, administrators or manufacturers of medical equipment. Thank you!

Your professionalism, discipline to study for years, to jump in when someone is in need, to be calm in craziness, and giving support when needed is astounding. I am amazed by the sheer number of you who would do so much for people you don’t even know. Thank you!

My daughter’s birth was one such incident, she needed to be rushed to UCSF for heart surgery a few hours after her birth. The magnitude of so many people coming to help her blew me away. From every member of the transport team to the uncountable number of Doctors and Nurses. Each person’s level of professionalism and mastery of their craft is something that really impressed me. Everyone was so completely prepared and on-top of everything, each worked together as a team knowing their roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, not just the people but thank you to all the manufacturers and people behind the medical devices and machinery; from all the hyper specialized systems, respirators and monitors to the advanced medicines and tools. Everything needs to be so precise and reliable, the magnitude of machinery used and its proficiency amazed me.

Angelica hooked up to systems and monitors after surgery

I know the health care system isn’t perfect in America, but there are thousands of men and women out there everyday making a difference in people’s lives, that is what it is really all about.

It makes me proud to work for Johnson & Johnson, though my company BabyCenter has a small role in the medical field, the entire company is dedicated to providing the best health care tools, medicine and information it can deliver, and doing so for 125 years.

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