Impatient Planting

I built my raised garden bed yesterday and being a bit impatient I planted a bunch of vegetables today. I know it is only March 18 and way too soon to be planting anything especially tomatoes, I planted four tomato plants. I’m risking frost, too much rain, not enough sun and all, but maybe they will turn out to be a heartier bunch.


Here’s what I planted:

1 heirloom tomato, 2 early girl tomatoes, 1 big boy tomato, 2 zucchinis, 4 spinach and 4 jalapeno peppers

After planting, being I littled worried I consulted this SF Planting Calendar I feel that the zucchini will end up doing ok, but the guide for the peppers is not until April, and the tomatoes in May! I think next weekend I’m going to have to build a second garden bed for my backup plants.

I also planted herbs and a few other potted items on the side of my house:






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