Second Planter Box


This weekend I was able to plant my second planter. It took a bit of time to get to, I first had to remove a massive licorice plant which almost defeated me but after many hours of fighting, a bit of blood, lots of sweat and I held back the tears the plant finally met its demise. It will stick around until I can chop it up and slowly dispose of a bit each week in my compost bin.

In the new box, I planted two orange-strawberry tomatoes a heirloom variety that sounded delicious. Three different types of cucumbers, which supposedly will overrun me, but I can test out my pickling some more. Four string bean plants, but one doesn’t look so good a day after planting.

Another jalapeño plant, I’ve got five different jalapeños each in different spots in the yard, one is bound to produce something! Plus I planted some beet seeds, but I think they should of gone in the ground a little sooner.

Additionally, I planted three marigold plant which according to the graphic from the New Scientist (see below) is supposed to provide a natural pesticide. I also planted some geranium near by, not pictured.



Here is my first planter box doing quite well, one month in. See a month ago. Its a little crowded, I’m a bit concerned my tomatoes are shading my zucchini, but all in all everyone looks healthy. Plus we’ve already had two salads from the spinach!


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