Spring 2016

We had a wonderful Spring time, celebrating several milestone birthdays a 5, 40, and 75!
We saw Frozen on Ice, discovered a great scone recipe, and had a Gymnastics party! For Spring break we took a road trip up to Portland, Oregon. It was two days of driving which was a lot for the little ones, but all in all pretty fun. Plus stopping at the Jelly Belly factory on the way home was a hit!

Wrapping up the Spring we were thrilled to have our cousins visit for Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time showing them around the Bay Area, even if a few things were closed. The girls were thrilled to see their cousins, and the boys were great with them.

Bubble Birthday Party

We celebrated Angelica’s birthday at the park, which was looking good the week before when we had 70° weather and sunny skies. However, leading up to it we had rain all week, the forecast was supposed to give us a sunny afternoon. The forecast was wrong.

We ended up with a bit of rain and the kids loved it! A huge thanks to all the parents who came out. Everyone had a great time and the bubble guy was amazing!