Oregon Coast

At the end of summer we took a trip to the Oregon Coast for the second family reunion of the year, this time on the Contreras side. The girls were super excited to be able to do two trips with both sets of cousins.

Oregon coast was beautiful and we had an amazing house right on on the beach. The girls had a great time playing with their cousins and it was a wonderful vacation.

New England

We traveled to New England with my Mom, two of my brother’s and their families. The thirteen of us shared a house together in Newtown just a few miles outside of Boston. It was a wonderful holiday, filled with road trip up to Maine, science museums and history, traveling back in time to the 1600’s in Plymouth, and the 1800’s in Sturbridge. Plus Danelle and I caught a game at Fenway Park.

Barcelona 2016

We had a wonderful visit in Barcelona! I was there for a work meetup and Danelle was able to join me and we extended it to a vacation. We really enjoyed the time together, the wonderful city, sites, food, and just wonderful atmosphere.

Toni and Beau scooting around town

Old Men playing Bocce

Dragon House

Boldu donut and coffee

La Perera apartments by Gaudi

Beau and Danelle walking the ramblas

Homemade Tortillas

Homemade Cookies

Bad Toro

Danelle at Picasso Museum

Barcelona Cathedral

On top of the Cathedral

On top of the Cathedral

Park Guell

Parrots in the Palm

Park Guell


More Boldu

Foc i Oli Burger, so good!

At Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Stain Glass

Doors at Sagrada

View from Hotel


W at the Beach

Mediterranean beach


Arab Baths

Segway Tour

Pyrennes in Background

Old Wall

Cathedral in Giron

Castle at the Park

More donuts!

Nichole and Dan’s Wedding

We traveled to Boston/New Hampshire for cousin Nichole’s wedding, the first major trip with both girls and it went pretty well. They both did awesome on the flight and if it wasn’t for the numerous suitcases, car seats, strollers and countless carry-ons it would’ve been super smooth.

Angelica was the flower girl in the wedding which she was super excited for, especially since Nichole was marrying Dan the Fireman. Angelica was non-stop for weeks ahead of time about the Fireman Wedding. The girls had a great time and it was lots of fun. Unfortunately a pretty short trip, wish we could’ve stayed an extra week, but gives an excuse to come back.

Visiting Cousins in Utah

We travelled out to Utah to visit Angelica’s cousins Rico and Domingo for their first holy communion. I was honored that Rico picked me to be his sponsor. Everyone enjoyed the trip, it was great to see and play with the twins.

51 Hours to Chicago

Jul 1, 2010

Danelle and I just started our journey by train to Chicago on the California Zephyr. We left from Emeryville at 9:50am and arrive in Chicago in 2 days at 3:30pm.

We got a sleeper car which is cozy, but has two beds that fold out and enough space for our luggage and to stretch out. We brought plenty of books and games. So settling in for a couple of days of relaxation.

In Chicago, we’re going to see a Cubs game on the 4th, go to some museums, good restaurants and enjoy the city. I’ve only been there briefly and this will be Danelle’s first time.

Our biggest concern is leaving the pup home with the parents. Hopefully he behaves himself and doesn’t give them too much grief.

Jul 2, 2010

We are just entering into Colorado now, the scenery is changing from the deserts of Nevada and Utah to more greenry; just passed through 1 of 19 canyons carved out by the Colorado river that we’ll see.

The first night was a bit more uncomfortable than expected, the air is out in our room and real tight accomadations — did not lead to restful sleep; but the free coffee makes up for any lack of sleep. Hopefully they can switch rooms for us tonight, else our first day in Chicago might be catching up on sleep.

Next stop: Grand Junction, CO

Jul 3, 2010

Colorado was absolutely beautiful, that stretch makes the route. I didn’t take too many photos with my phone so only one to upload now; many with my camera, so it’ll be a bit to see some of those shots.

Our engine overheated going up the Rockies, thankfully they have a backup; but we did lose about 2 hours once we made it to Denver to switch out engines. The station is right next to Coors Field which the Giants were playing when we pulled in, we could’ve caught a few innings.

Thankfully a new sleeper car was added on in Denver, so we were able to switch rooms and the new one was much more comfortable, amazing what a little air can do. We actually slept decent and in better spirits.

Today we’ve gone through Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois – lots and lots of farmland. We are about an hour out of Chicago now, and about 5 hours total delay; at least we didn’t have a connection but the extra time on the train is a bit tiring.

Time to pack up and get ready for the second half of the vacation.