Barcelona 2016

We had a wonderful visit in Barcelona! I was there for a work meetup and Danelle was able to join me and we extended it to a vacation. We really enjoyed the time together, the wonderful city, sites, food, and just wonderful atmosphere.

Toni and Beau scooting around town
Old Men playing Bocce
Dragon House
Boldu donut and coffee
La Perera apartments by Gaudi
Beau and Danelle walking the ramblas
Homemade Tortillas
Homemade Cookies
Bad Toro
Danelle at Picasso Museum
Barcelona Cathedral
On top of the Cathedral
On top of the Cathedral
Park Guell
Parrots in the Palm
Park Guell

More Boldu
Foc i Oli Burger, so good!
At Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia

Stain Glass
Doors at Sagrada
View from Hotel
W at the Beach
Mediterranean beach
Arab Baths
Segway Tour
Pyrennes in Background
Old Wall
Cathedral in Giron
Castle at the Park
More donuts!